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Industry futures. Change leadership. Strategic thinking. Leading Teams. The imperative to translate insights into actions is a theme underlying all Dr. Austin's sessions.

Individualized attention and customized design.  Dr. Austin will asses your needs and build a multi-level program using video, online, and in-person training. 


John Austin, PhD


John Austin has spent his career helping organizations and their leaders anticipate environmental shifts and act to take advantage of those shifts. Dr Austin helps leaders develop the tools they need to be agents of positive change, helps teams and organizations better use the deep expertise of their employees, helps all employees refine their own strategic decision decision making and critical thinking skills, and helps organizations build the culture they need to embrace future uncertainties as opportunities for innovation.

...and action.

In all cases, Dr. Austin builds from a solid foundation of established theory and evidence and translates that knowledge into engaging, memorable, and impactful tools for participants to apply immediately in their own work. Dr Austin will customize keynotes, workshops, and leadership development programs to fit the needs of your organization.

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